A feature film by Sandra Wollner
AT/DE, approx. 90 min

Since Jessie’s (14) death, her mother Ella and Jessie’s first great love Lux have been inseparable. It’s almost as if they try to keep Jessie alive by staying together - convinced that their tangled relationship is somehow the key to resurrect Jessie’s ghost. Jessie’s younger sister Melli won’t have any of it. An unlikely trio, a manic trip, a pointless hope, and a sun-drenched séance.


Director:Sandra Wollner
Script: Sandra Wollner
Advisor: Roderick Warich
Director of Photography: Timm Kröger
Editor: Hannes Bruun
Original Music: David Schweighart
Producers: Viktoria Stolpe, Timm Kröger, Sandra Wollner, Lixi Frank, David Bohun


Panama Film